High Stiffness Plastic Panel

High Stiffness Plastic PanelHigh Stiffness plastic PANEL

Our new concept panel for slab/wall is eco-friendly, reasonably priced, has excellent durability, is light and convenient to mold. We provide high-quality of surface skins to customers and are LG Hausys’s primary business partner


Mold for SLAB/WALL

Plastic panel manufacturing process


Divisionw L-Panel Coated mold panel Form/Unform Plastic mold
Specific gravity 1.28 0.7 0.75~0.8
Weight 8.5kg/㎡ 9.1kg/㎡ 9.15~10.5kg/㎡
Thickness 12mm(4mm) 12mm 12mm
Flexural rigidity 1,500kgf/c㎡ / 1,900kgf/c㎡ 700kgf/c㎡ 332.7~363kgf/c㎡
Flexural elasticity 74,000kgf/c㎡ 75,000kgf/c㎡ 5,760kgf/c㎡
Tensile strength Tensile strength - 230kgf/c㎡
UsagLe 1,300kgf/c㎡ 7~8 times -